Avoid UTI Pain and Agony!

Avoid UTI Pain and Agony!

Ever had a UTI? They are very painful, and especially shocking when you’re going to the bathroom one day and realize it hurts to pee. When I first got married, I got UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) A. LOT.

Like every month for 9 months straight. Yeah, painful, seeing blood in my pee. There are few things that will keep you glued to a toilet seat crying in agony like a bad UTI.

But the cures can be so simple, I was embarrassed that I didn’t discover any sooner in my desperation. I took antibiotics, tried lady lotions, herbal supplements, but nothing worked like these few things.

So ladies, READ THIS BEFORE *ahem* engaging in intimate activities, having babies, or having surgeries down there. You will thank me. (These first two tips saved me so much pain!)

Go pee after AND before sex.

This is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO. I had always been told that you’re supposed to go straight to the bathroom afterward, however, I hadn’t heard about going beforehand. I was in pain for months before I figured out that this was important. Avoid making the same mistake, even if you’re not easily susceptible to UTI’s!

Basically, it’s important to empty the tank before as well, because when there’s less liquid in there, it’s’ harder for bacteria to travel. And when bacteria can’t travel, you can’t get as bad infections.

Use a feminine wash.

I would suggest doing this even as a teenager. The special soaps for *down there* are worth it, because they help to get you REALLY clean without stripping your body of it’s natural protectants. I saw a huge difference in both the health and comfort *down there* when I started using one, so it was hugely worth it.

And honestly, these washes also help you smell a little better which is also a bonus, especially when pregnant!

If you know you’ll be at risk for a UTI, drink lots of cranberry juice or take a cranberry supplement.

Cranberry juice is great at helping treat UTIs but it’s real power is in preventing them. Just go to Wal-Mart or Target, pick up a bottle of 100% cranberry juice from the juice section, and start sipping it throughout the day. Put it in your smoothies and have a glass with dinner. Or just buy a cranberry supplement and take It religiously.  It will really help prevent pain!

But how do you know if you’re at risk for a UTI? Here are some things that can trigger them.

Genetics or hormonal changes. If your mom got UTIs at any events in her life, you probably will too.

First time or first time in a long time sex. Lots of new bacteria *down there* makes for a UTI habitat.

Having a baby. Pregnancy, delivery, postpartum all cause some big changes down there. I wasn’t prepared and got a very bad UTI and kidney infection when I delivered Emm, so be ready and avoid the same experience!

Anything that caused a lot of irritation down there. Intense bike rides, horse back riding, chlorinated swimming pools, if you hurt in the slightest bit between your legs, get some cranberry!

Go to the doctor EARLY

Don’t wait until you’re crying on the toilet seat. If you hurt for more than a day or two, just go see your OB/GUN or make a trip to the clinic. They have some seriously amazing painkiller for UTIs that will save you so many tears, and doctors are pretty good at catching them early with the pee in the cup test. But hopefully you won’t have to learn about that because these tips will work for you! 

Drink lots of water, always.

Employing the tactic of flushing out bacteria before things get serious is definitely a worthy pursuit. Drinking extra water is good for you anyway, but when it has the potential to flush out a seriously painful infection it’s extra worth it! I would recommend purchasing a smart water bottle (or something about a liter) and emptying and refilling it over 3 times a day. You want to be peeing a lot and keeping your pee a light color. If you have a urinary tract infection already this will hurt, like running warm water over an injury, so get to the doctor if you need to!

Thanks for reading!

Rachel M

Have you had a UTI? What helped you feel better? Let us know in the comments below!

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