Why Breastfeeding is the Best 

I love breastfeeding my baby.

Why? Because it has so, so many benefits, AND it brings me closer to my little girl. Trust me, I have used all four forms of baby feeding (breastfeeding, formula, bottle, hospital tube) and breastfeeding is the best. Hands down.

But just in case you’re not convinced, here’s some real experience as to why.

It Helps You Feel Loving

Being a new mom is stressful, and there’s no denying it. Those first few months of figuring out how to be a good parent takes a toll on everybody, and you’ll be no exception. You’ll have times where you just have to take a deep breath, put your screaming baby in her crib, and walk away for a few minutes.

You will NEED all of the loving moments you can get. And when you’re holding your baby and they’re quietly drinking away, cuddled up to your bare skin, you will have those. There’s something about that closeness that can’t be replicated.

It’s Good for Your Body

I know for a fact that breastfeeding causes contractions (oh boy can you feel them). And those contractions tighten up your uterus and help you start feeling better, sooner. They’re going to hurt. But just know that it’s good for your body, and you will thank me later.

It Helps Your Baby Relax

Once you finally get a good latch, your little one just cuddles right in and takes deep breaths. My little one has gone from hair-pulling nightmare to sweet little angel in less than 10 seconds. Nothing I’ve tried has the power to calm her as quickly as breastfeeding (even when she’s not particularly hungry).


It’s Good for your Baby’s Health

I haven’t hardly had to deal with baby constipation at all. Yeah. I could just leave it there, but breastfeeding also helps with your baby’s development. Womens’ bodies have the amazing ability to make the exact nutrients that a baby needs to develop properly, and my little lady has been doing great.

When I was in the NICU with Emm, the nurses insisted that I start breastfeeding her as soon as possible. They made it a priority, talked to the head doctors, and got me breastfeeding as soon as it was physically possible for Emm to do so. NICU nurses  know how important breastfeeding is, and I definitely trust their opinion. They saved my daughters’ life, after all!

Thanks for reading!

Rachel M


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