Clean Comedy for Moms: Lighten Your Load with Laughter!

Feeling stressed lately, momma? Laughter makes a world of difference when you’re having a rough day. So whether you’re cleaning dishes or working, take some time to listen to these hilarious videos! Here are X Ideas on how to lighten up a bit! Enjoy! Jeanne Robertson Videos on YouTube Jeanne Robertson is THE BEST CLEAN … Read moreClean Comedy for Moms: Lighten Your Load with Laughter!

Why Breastfeeding is the Best 

I love breastfeeding my baby. Why? Because it has so, so many benefits, AND it brings me closer to my little girl. Trust me, I have used all four forms of baby feeding (breastfeeding, formula, bottle, hospital tube) and breastfeeding is the best. Hands down. But just in case you’re not convinced, here’s some real experience … Read moreWhy Breastfeeding is the Best 

What Do Contractions Feel Like?

Sometime in life you have probably wondered what it would feel like to have a baby. Maybe you even got up the courage to ask your mom about it. But when you had that conversation, your mom’s response was probably the same as my mom’s: “I think it was….”. And you probably left the conversation … Read moreWhat Do Contractions Feel Like?