Clean Comedy for Moms: Lighten Your Load with Laughter!

Clean Comedy for Moms: Lighten Your Load with Laughter!

Feeling stressed lately, momma? Laughter makes a world of difference when you’re having a rough day. So whether you’re cleaning dishes or working, take some time to listen to these hilarious videos!

Here are X Ideas on how to lighten up a bit! Enjoy!

Jeanne Robertson Videos on YouTube

Jeanne Robertson is THE BEST CLEAN COMEDY, hands down. Her jokes are about real life stories that have happened to her, and her Southern accent is the perfect narration for them! You will love how easily she carries the narrative and makes you laugh 🙂

Funny TED Talks

Ted talks are inspiring and educating. But did you know that sometimes there are talks that are just plain hilarious, AS WELL as sharing a good message? Check these out!

James Veitch videos are hilarious. He has a couple more that will be in the sidebar when you get to YouTube– make sure to listen to those, too!

I love story-telling comedy. You can never go wrong with the hilarity of real life! Shawn Achor does a great job narrating a powerful story about brain performance with comedy! There are many more hilarious TED Talks to view, just do a search for hilarious TED Talks on YouTube or follow this link to see them right now. I love learning and laughing at the same time, and I’m sure you will too!


Jim Gaffigan on Netflix and YouTube 

Yes, Jim Gaffigan is on this list too! He has some hilarious stories about parenting. Check out a few a of them in this video!

Moms need to laugh more. Share this with the ladies in your life to help them lighten up a bit!

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Rachel M ~ Wish Momma Told Me

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#Bonustip: Share Kid History with your kiddos, these dads got together to tell stories from their childhood and it’s great clean comedy for kids!

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