Here are the things we love!

Baby Stuff

Tiny Love Baby Mat

Emm loves this mat and spends tons of time on it!

Hospital Binkies

This binkie is the best for newborns! The hospital knows what’s up! 🙂

Angelcare Bath Tub

This baby bath tub is PERFECT! It’s cheap, it doesn’t let Emm slip (6 months and no incidents) and easy to clean. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!


Seriously the best investment you can make as a new parent. Your newborn will live in this. Our 6 month old still loves it, although she has to sleep in her bed now 😉

Cetaphil Lotion

This is great for both Mom and Baby. I use it post-shave and Emm uses after every bath to combat dry skin.

Oball Toy Ball

This is a great developmental toy, which was especially important for Emm. It is very easy for her to grab and worth the few bucks to have it!

Baby Trend Stroller

This stroller is smooth, easy to push, and the ride is nice for my little one. It has both forward and back facing seating for your kiddo, so I get to see Emm when I go on walks with her. We love this stroller!

Mom Things

Belabumbum Nursing Bras

I love these nursing bras, they are way easier to use than the generic brands at Walmart and Target.  They’re a bit of an investment, but again, definitely worth it!

Pinkblush Nursing Dress

These nursing dress is a lifesaver! I love how discreet it is (it’s not obvious it’s a nursing dress) and it’s very comfortable! Not to mention, cute!

InnooBaby Baby Wrap

I love this because it’s cheaper than the regular carriers but it still keeps baby safe and tight. Save a bit where you can!

Nursing Cover

Versatility pays for itself! This cover functions as a nursing cover, carseat cover, and scarf!

Motherhood Maternity Pants

I couldn’t find any brands that made maternity pants as light as these guys! Mine were falling off my bump for a long while until I invested in these!

Always Infinity Pads

I know it’s weird to list these, but I seriously love this brand of pads. They’re lighter, cleaner, less smelly, and all around better. I recommend these for both your regular periods and postpartum period!


Pregnancy Podcast

The best resource for learning about labor, hands down!

What to Expect While You’re Expecting

It’s cliche but it works 🙂

Baby Center 

Great forums for random questions I’ve had!

Ovia Pregnancy App

Week by week tracking of your baby and pregnancy needs!