The Key to Stopping the Spray and Saving Milk – Breastfeeding

The Key to Stopping the Spray and Saving Milk – Breastfeeding

Hey Moms!

This is going to be a short article because the key is so simple. So important. So HELPFUL!

When breastfeeding, sometimes the side that baby isn’t eating on can turn into a pressurized spray or a drip. Because well, letdown happens on both breasts at the same time.

Good news! It doesn’t need to be a mess!

Simply put gentle pressure on the nipple that baby isn’t drinking out of.

That’s right, two fingers pressure for the few minutes that letdown occurs, and no drip!

I discovered this tip a few months ago and I have stopped using burp clothes, nipple guards, and milk catchers, because this works so well! 

And there you have it 🙂 the key is yours, go try it. May you no longer fear the spray from the other side!

Here’s a few more details about it if you’ve got an extra minute, in the form of an FAQ:

The Key to Stopping the Spray and Saving Milk - Breastfeeding
No more spray! Happy momma, happy baby!PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay


How long do I press the nipple? 

Just about a minute after letdown has ended. So in my case, I only need to hold it for about 2-3 minutes before I let go.

Does this work during engorgement?

Yes, but you may want to let the milk spray off at that time anyway. Anything to ease the pain! I would also add that you should let it spray when you have a clogged duct or mastitis – don’t put any extra pressure on that! Massage to get it all out!

Does this cause infection? You’re applying pressure to a pressurized area? 

Nope! This simply restricts your nipple from expanding open. The milk will still move underneath when you letdown, in fact you may feel it, but this is actually helpful in getting baby to latch on the second side. The milk will still move close behind your nipple so that when little one latches they’ll be rewarded with a quick treat.

Does this lower your breastmilk production? 

Baby will have plenty to eat.  It may lower your production just because it’s not compensating for the lost spray anymore, but that also means your body isn’t working quite so hard either! My baby is plenty chubby and very healthy since I’ve started doing this.

Can you use this on older babies? 

Yes! My 6 month old is just fine with it. She even prefers it because now she gets milk on the second side almost immediately.

Thanks for reading!

Rachel M

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The Key to Stopping the Spray and Saving Milk - Breastfeeding

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  1. This is great advice! And so simple! I’m not a mom but I have several mom friends that are going to love this! Thank you for sharing it! You juat made life easier for so many moms!

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