10 Tips for Your First Trimester

10 Tips for Your First Trimester

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The first trimester is a doozy. There’s vomiting, wishing you could vomit, fatigue, dizziness, aches and pains and all sorts of other pleasant things.

So how do you even survive? Here’s some of our best tips:

Work. Out.

Yes, it sounds extremely painful to have to work out at such a time of sickness and exhaustion. But it will make a huge difference. I found that even just a little bit of yoga released my sore muscles and I was able to enjoy my day even just a little bit more. It also helps you to feel a little better about yourself because you know you’re not being completely useless about your health. Best part? You can do it seated. Check out this video on YouTube (which I loved): Pregnancy Yoga

Be okay with throwing up.

Go to Walmart, purchase 100 barf bags (also ask for some at your next OB/GYN visit), and have a hay day filling them, anytime you feel like it. Holding in your barfs WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE. I promise, just don’t do it! I know it’s a painful experience during the moment but it’s worth it to feel even just a little bit better. Just make sure to re-fill that sour tummy shortly after, and don’t brush your teeth for 30 minutes (just use some mouthwash and swish in the meantime).

Enjoy some yummy fruit popsicles.

This will help settle your stomach better than anything both because of the calories and the cool temperature. Plus they’re just fun to eat, so enjoy them! My favorite ones are these. They have a little higher calorie count to help with your post-barf replenishing, and they taste delicious!

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Take your prenatal supplement!!

Do not skip your pills! If the one you have makes you extremely sick (the generic brands at Walmart generally will- speaking from personal experience) then go to your OB/GYN and ask for ones that don’t make you so sick to swallow. I’m SO GLAD I DID THIS!! They gave me a brand that was still, granted, difficult to get down and I had to take it just before sleeping, but it was a lot easier to keep down. It didn’t cause an instant run to the bathroom, if you know what I mean.

Tell Your Doctor/Midwife that you’re miserable.

I am a huge supporter of the medical system. If you have a question, if something sucks and you’re miserable, tell your doctor! Come up with a list of questions for him/her a few days before every visit so that you don’t forget anything. Your OB/GYN will love it when you ask them questions, because they have a whole bunch of samples they need to get rid of, that could potentially give you great relief. Remember, helping you is their business. If they weren’t good at it, they wouldn’t have any patients. My OB/GYN gave me all sorts of different things, from acid-reflux pills to calorie supplements. You just have to ask for them, and they will provide. Also on the doctor note,

If you’re miserable, ask to see your doctor sooner.

Some doctors/midwives don’t want to see you until 8 weeks, others 12, and still others 20. If you are absolutely miserable, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Call the OB/GYN office, tell the nurse that you need help because you’re so sick, and she will give you an appointment. Again, THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO BE MISERABLE. If you help them understand your situation, they will help you.  I would recommend doing this if you’re even just a little bit sick because getting the prescription prenatal pills can make a HUGE difference.

Try Motion Sickness Wrist Bands.

They’re not too expensive and it’s definitely worth the shot to see if they’ll help. The wristbands won’t completely solve your first trimester sickness, they’re mostly just for taking the edge off. I wore them almost all the time for that fact, but they were especially useful in car trips. Just don’t be afraid to push them (gently) with firm pressure into your arm- the most relief I could achieve was dependent on how much pressure I used.

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Sleep as much as you physically can. It’s especially hard to get good, consistent rest during pregnancy, so if you can, SLEEP IN. That’s right. You can be proud of the fact that you didn’t get out of bed until 10. This will help you feel loads better.

Brush your teeth and wash your face at least once a day.

You probably feel like just staying in bed the whole day and crying. If you have that luxury, know that you’re very lucky! But it will seriously do your confidence some good to clean your teeth and your face, and you will thank me when your first trimester acne doesn’t hang out *quite* as long as it could have.

Be okay with resting.

Seriously, you’re making a human being. You deserve kudos every day just for that. So give yourself some pamper time! Sleep in, take a nice long bath, read/watch TV all weekend long, ask grandma to watch the kids for a few hours, just make sure to chill!

Thanks for reading!

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Please note: Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to completely eradicate the agonizing symptoms of the first trimester. But we can help you to manage them, and that was our goal with this article. Hope you found some things that can help.

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