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About to have a baby? Thinking about having a baby? Hoping to have a baby someday in the future? We've got the info for you. Here at Wish Momma Told Me, we seek to discover those things that prove most beneficial to future moms. Whether it's the lowdown on epidurals or insights into raising small children, we've got the resources you're looking for. Join us on this journey to educate young mommas (ourselves!)!

Our story

Rachel is a young mother of her sweet little girl, Emmie. Following complications before and after birth, and an extended stay in the NICU, she was given the opportunity to ask doctors and nurses every question she could think of-- providing a golden opportunity for learning the tricks of the trade of young motherhood. She has employed much of this information in raising her daughter and has also found other useful tidbits, which she enjoys sharing with others. Join her on this continuous journey and you may learn something yourself!